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COLORS Wario and Waluigi by EdwinShy
COLORS Wario and Waluigi

First time I drew Wario in a while...somewhat making progress on him he's looking better then the last time I drew him plus draw Waluigi just for funies :)

NOTE: This was drawn before the accident thus was meant to be uploaded sooner

Wario & Waluigi (c) Nintendo

SSB4 ALT COSTUME Classic Sonic by EdwinShy
SSB4 ALT COSTUME Classic Sonic
Ya know what would of been an awesome alternate costume for Sonic besides Metal Sonic, Riders Sonic, and SA2 Sonic ? Classic Sonic I know he's shorter but they could made it work but I did come up with a moveset which is slightly different and should please fans so here were go

B: Elemental Shields: Classic Sonic gains one of his 3 iconic elemental shields randomly following the order of bubble, fire and electric each with their unique skills

Bubble: Allows Sonic to bounce like a ball repeatedly by pressing B, it does more damage if done in midair the higher it is done the more damage will be brought, does 8-16% damage

Fire: Allows Sonic to use a fiery burst of speed similar to Fire Fox and can be directed in any direction by tilting the control pad/circle pad after pressing B also can be used similar to Mega Man's leaf shield and the Spicy Curry where Sonic can burn the other fighters repeatedly for a few moments before it disappears does 7-14% damage

Electric: Allows Sonic to gain a triple jump, despite this it is not good for recovery however it can reflect projectiles and it shares the same ability as the Fire shield as it shock other fighters for a brief time causes 6-12% damage

B Side: Spin Dash: Same as Modern's but is slightly faster and stronger also does 7-16% damage depending how it charged by Spin Charge

B Down: Spin Charge: Similar to Modern's but can cause damage to other fighters who try to attack also glows somewhat brighter, the brighter it is the stronger the Spin Dash, does 6-12% damage at it's strongest, does 4-8% at it's weakest.

B Up: Classic Tails: Unlike Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic calls Classic Tails and he lifts him up ala Sonic 3 as long as possible it is a few seconds longer then Duck Hunt's recovery but like Modern Sonic's recovery Classic can't use other specials but only Smash attacks, does no damage.

Final Smash: Classic Super Sonic: Classic Sonic transforms into his super form but unlike Modern can he stand and walk as well hover run what makes Classic Super different is he can use his super versions of his specials (excluding his B Up) all his attacks are stronger and can jump slightly higher

I had this moveset idea in my head for a while now and I think it fits with Classic Sonic shame he doesn't appear I'm hope Smash Wii U has a Classic Sonic thophy at least.

Classic Sonic (c) SEGA, SonicTeam
Slenda by EdwinShy
To get into the Halloween Spirit here's someone I didn't expect to draw, Slenda aka the Female Slenderman while I'm not a fan of creepypastas or ANYTHING creepy I drew her due a friend suggesting it while my laptop was gone I drew her a few times on paper and I planned to draw her with my tablet when I got my laptop back and here we are it's my 1st time drawing her digitally next time will be better but for now here's Slenda

Slenda (c) The internet ?
Trying to figure what to draw next...
Burning Blaze 4 by EdwinShy
Burning Blaze 4
Drew Burning Blaze again for fun love how it came out...I feel sorry for whoever she is talking to their going to get burnt so bad !

Burning Blaze, Blaze the Cat, Sol Emeralds (c) SEGA, Sonic Team
Yup I gotten a job at Youth Uprising, a center for youths of Oakland ages 13-24 can go to get help and benefits as well express themselves through art and music truth be told the job is really more of a internship that pays REAL good called YU Lead I started yesterday and will be working up to mid-October what makes it sweeter is that it's every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4-6pm so it won't get in the way of updating my gallery.

More good news is today a kind stranger gave a code for the special North America demo of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS which I've been playing since 1pm today and so far I love it and will make the 2 week wait easier for the full game.

I will be updating tomorrow til then!
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My name is Edwin R. Shy but you can just call me Ed I'm a friendly young dude who loves to draw and play video games I've been drawing for a while now as you can tell from my gallery I am an avid fan of video games, cartoons, and anime thank you for visiting my gallery :)




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